Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

At Collyhurst Nursery School and Children’s Centres we understand that every child is a unique child and is constantly learning and are committee to the equal inclustion of all children in all areas of nursery life. Our staff are very experienced in supporting children who have additional needs or disabilities that impact on their ability to learn.

Ofsted (2019) "Children with diverse needs make great strides...First class teaching and quality intervention when needed."

Our Deputy Head teacher has the responsibility of coordinating provision and services for children with additional needs and in this role she will ensure that all children and families are valued and respected equally. This role is known as the SENDCo .

The SENDCo and all staff at Collyhurst Nursery work to ensure that the necessary provision and support is made for any child who has special educational needs, in order that they receive their full educational entitlement and are given equal access to a range of stimulating learning opportunities, across the whole curriculum.

Nicola Burton

Nicola Burton is the Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator



If there are any complaints relating to the provision for children with SEND these will be dealt with in the first instance by the child’s key person. If unresolved they will be dealt with by the SENCO or Learning Support Officer. In the case of continuing unresolved complaint the issue should be referred to the Headteacher and if necessary to the Governing Body following the school’s complaints procedure.

Please contact our SENDCO Nicola Burton (Deputy Head Teacher) or Parent Support Advisor Amanda Richardson for further advice.

The Governor with responsibility for SEND is Jade Wright.

SEND support