‘In The Moment’

At Collyhurst Nursery School children are at the centre of everything that we do. We believe children learn best when they are interested, curious and deeply engaged, which at this age and stage of development, is best achieved through play.

We have adopted an ‘In The Moment’ approach to our teaching and learning and we are thrilled to report that very high percentages of the children that leave to go to Primary school, at the end of summer term, make ‘accelerated progress’ in their learning and development. Our approach supports us engaging in high quality interactions with the children where we follow their interests and using a ‘look, listen and assess’ strategy to spot ‘teachable’ moments in their play. We support them to develop their skills and knowledge. Their learning is moved on as immediate next steps are identified and met. We place a very high importance on each child’s well-being and are proud to support them becoming effective learners.

Our children love the challenge of learning, are interested, active and happy learners who are curious, independent and keen to learn. Our children are eager to improve and are able to learn from trial and error, helping them to become more resilient to failure.

Ofsted (2019) "We saw lots of good humoured positive interations with staff and children. Right from the start they learn the importance of sharing, taking turns, forming firm friendships and mixing well together."

Anna Ephgrave is the author of ‘A Nursery Year in Action’ and is an advocate and lead consultant for ‘In the Moment Planning’ teaching approach. We were lucky to have Anna visit our school for a full staff training day and share her wonderful knowledge with our staff. At the end of the day the staff felt motivated and excited by this child-led approach with planning in the moment, supporting the development of purposeful, calm, confident and independent children.

At Collyhurst Nursery School we firmly believe that child-led learning in the early years allows children to thrive while making accelerated progress.

In the Moment Planning facilitates all teaching staff to move to where the children are engaged and carefully observe children’s progress, managed and enhanced by adults who engage and interact with them to support them in making outstanding progress. It prioritises the development of children’s levels of involvement, their well-being and the characteristics of effective learning alongside the Prime and Specific areas of development. A significant change is that you will no longer see any forward planning, focus activities nor adults telling children what activity to do.

The simple message from Anna is ‘let the children chose what to do, join them and support them in their pursuits and then write up what has happened.’ Anna is a practising EY teacher and a part time consultant and has been through four OFSTED inspections since adopting this approach with Outstanding outcomes each time. To further quote Anna ‘Since adopting this approach, I have seen happy, relaxed children making accelerated progress as well as staff who are relaxed, inspired and enthusiastic, having regained a love of their job!’